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In Chinatown, close to financial center of downtown.

Located on King St. between Smith and Nuuanu.

2nd floor, mobile chair lift available for elderly.

Street parking and private and public lots available.


Contact us

42 N. King St.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Phone: (808) 536-4621

E-mail: ucshawaii@hawaiiantel.net


Website email: Website Editor

The United Chinese Society is the premier and leading Chinese Organization in the State of Hawaii representing well-over one-hundred Chinese societies, clubs, and organizations.  It is a not-for profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Hawaii and the United States of America, whose primary purpose is to provide community service for the general health and welfare of the citizens of the State of Hawaii, and to promote friendly relations among the Chinese in Hawaii, the United States of America and abroad.  It was established in 1884 under the reign of King David Kalakaua of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The United Chinese Society of Hawaii also maintains an Immigration Center for the purpose of providing free immigration services to the general community.  We assist individuals in their applications for United States Citizenship and applications for green cards.

The United Chinese Society is committed to improving and enhancing the quality of life for the people of Hawaii.

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About UCS - Our Projects

Ancestor respect.  Chinese visit the graveyards to pay respects to their ancestors.  The area is cleaned.  Blessings and guardianship are requested.  Food and drink are common items to share with the departed.

Nominates and/or their supporters submit resumes yearly and one is chosen for a Model Mother and Father of the Year.  They and their children must show successful contributions to the community.

Nominates and/or their supporters submit resumes yearly and one is chosen for a Model Citizen of the Year.  They must show successful contributions to their community.

A gathering of the societies with organized food, fun and games.  Families are invited and the ties of friendship strengthened.

Model Mother and Father of the Year and
Citizen of the Year ride in decorated vehicles helping celebrate the spirit of these islands.

Ching Ming

United Congress Picnic

Model Citizen of the Year

Model Mother and Father of the Year

King Kamehameha Parade

SpringPinic basketKing K.

Meet and Greet.  All the Presidents of the United Chinese Society umbrella and other community Leaders are invited to tea to meet and talk about the upcoming year’s plans.

United Chinese Society Tea


Chinese New Year Children’s Field Trip

School Field Trip to Chinatown Cultural Plaza.  Three mini classes on Chinese Culture and activities open in Plaza to celebrate Chinese New Year.

SpringFamous Citizen